Erotic Wet: Dread Hammock of the Virtually Hallucination

Abandoned Silver Mine

Last time we left off, our heroes Bokas and Shiki had just finished with their adventure in the bandit cave. They had come back to town and did a few things at the local shops, and decided to wait a week or so for the local blacksmith to be finished with their weapons. During the week while they waited, they encountered a Dragonborn Warlord named Nasira. After talking, they decided it would be in the best interest of the party to include Nasira in their adventures.

Visiting the blacksmith to pick up their weapons, Bokas picks up his newly silvered greatsword. Shiki also learns that her rusty sword, after some fine work by the blacksmith, is actually an ornate steel short sword. Bokas and Shiki decide to go to a nearby training area to test out their new weapons. Bokas seems satisfied with his greatsword while singing some song about swinging his sword sword, meanwhile Shiki learns more about her new sword. Not only is it pretty, but she feels more accurate with the weapon, leading to the assumption it might be enchanted to increase accuracy.

After practicing for a bit at the training grounds, the party decides to head to the tavern, to once again see if any requests exist. While Shiki is getting wasted, Bokas and Nasira check out the bulletin board and find a request from a young girl who had lost her dog. Shiki and Nasira think it to be a tad silly, but Bokas insists that the party should check it out, since there’s no harm in checking to see what was going on. With a drunk Shiki in tow, the party heads to the young girl’s house.

Arriving at the house, they knock on the front door. A middle-aged woman answers the door. Bokas speaks up for the party, asking about the missing dog. With a bit of a disgruntled tone, the woman says she told her daughter not to post anything, but appears to have done so anyways. She goes and gets her daughter, telling her about us being here. Bokas inquires further about the dog, the girl explains that her dog disappeared from outside overnight and had no idea who might have taken it. The girl being of no help, Bokas turns to the mother and asks her questions as to what might have happened. She also appears to have no idea what happened to their dog, Bosco, but also hasn’t checked the area for signs of disturbance either. Bokas asks if they can see the area where Bosco is usually tied up, and she obliges.

The woman takes them around to the side of the house, through a simple wooden gate to the tree where Bosco is usually tied up at night. Examining the area around the tree, Bokas notices some footprints on the ground nearby. Bokas, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, can’t tell what kind of footprints they are. Shiki, drunk as may be, is at least able to tell which direction they came from. Nasira is further able to tell that the footprints are from goblins. With this knowledge, they know that the culprits must have been goblins, and that the footprints came from a North-Eastern direction. Bokas asks the woman if there is any place in that direction that goblins may be hiding out. The woman recalls there might have been a silver mine in that direction, but that it had closed over a decade ago. Thanking that party, they adventure out of town, heading towards to direction of the mine.

After a little bit, the party appears to be lost, Shiki being the only one who has her bearings still. She leads the party to NE again. They travel throughout the day, and into the early parts of the night. They have not found any signs of the silver mine, yet. The party decides to make a camp for a while Bokas marks on a nearby tree the direction of NE, and then the party rests. .

The sun wakes the party up (Bokas tells the sun to screw off) and the party decides to head NE once again. As noon approaches, it starts to get hotter, to the party’s dismay. Bokas makes the stunning realization that maybe the mine wasn’t directly compass NE. Bokas checks nearby, and doesn’t notice any immediate evidence of the mine being nearby. Shiki decides to climb a tree to try and see if she can see any signs of the mine. Near the top, Shiki looks out onto the horizon, and sees a LOT of trees. Far to the SW, she sees the town we came from, but sees no signs of the mine or any trails leading to it. On the ground, Bokas comes to terms with the fact that they might be lost, and should go back to town to ask for directions. They walk throughout the night to get back to town. Arriving back in town, they rest at a local tavern, stop by a nearby shop to pick up supplies, and find someone to ask directions of.

The party finds a guard, who thanks them for their help with the bandit incident. Bokas asks the guard about an abandoned silver mine to the NE, to which he replies to the party saying it’s more NNE than true NE. IF they go to the lightning struck tree, there’s a line of stone pointing towards the mine. Bokas tips the guard some silver, and the party leaves the town once again, this time with a known destination.

After a bit of travelling, they start to approach the mine, after seeing signs of wear on the road from carts and footsteps passing through over time. As they get closer, they can hear mine carts moving, hammers striking, and the sound of voices in a language none of them recognize. Bokas remarks that Shiki should be able to scout ahead and see what’s going on. Shiki, being the stealthiest person alive, sneaks close undetected. She sees many goblins, some of which are working on weapons at an anvil. Surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of order in the group. Shiki rejoins the group, and tells them what she saw.

With this knowledge, Bokas comes up with an idea that they could maybe do something to lure a few of them over and dispatch them, making an overall confrontation a bit easier. He picks up a rock, and blindly throws it into the encampment, while Shiki hides in a nearby bush and Nasira readies her weapon. Bokas sucks at throwing things, so the rock blindly smacks into a metal barrel that echoes through the entire encampment. Noticing which direction it came from, all of the goblins proceed to head in that direction to see where it came from. Bokas moves behind a tree, in his attempt at being stealthy.

In what ends up being quite a long, drawn-out battle, consisting of many sneak attacks against stupid goblins, much ganging up against Nasira and Bokas, and a cow that speaks Common who wishes to be milked, the party eventually emerges victorious against the eight goblins, and not too much worse for wear. After the battle, the goblins who weren’t already dead either died or were killed by the party. After searching all of the bodies, the members come out with a few nice things. Shiki found a some gold pieces, twenty to be exact. Nasira found a set of goblin leather armor, and a lucky rabbit’s foot. Bokas, clearly a hoarder, found and kept three sets of goblin leather armor, five mushrooms, a short sword, and a book titled “The Social Hierarchies of Trolls”. The party then decided to rest for a bit before moving onto the mine itself.

The Bandit's Cave

When we last saw our heroes, they were waiting below the lightning-struck tree, debating on whether to go to the cave in the northwest of the forest or to go back to town, turn in the bandit leader Moira, and report mission complete to the priest. They elect to tie Moira to the lightning-struck tree and explore the cave.

After reaching the area marked on the map, they find no such cave or opening as they had expected from the crudely-drawn map. Upon closer inspection of the surrounding area, Shiki noticed some branches that could not possibly be growing out of one of the trees. Calling Bokas over to pull on the branches, they revealed a trapdoor camouflaged with leaves on the forest floor, with a descending stone staircase.

Upon entering the entrance, it was noticed that the whole thing had been carved out from stone, and that there were lit torches providing illumination. Upon coming to a crossroads with choices left or forward, they go left and find two guards at a table. Quickly dispatching one and leaving the other unconscious and weakly tied up, they go to the room next door. There are four bandits sleeping in bedrolls around the minimal remains of a campfire (ash, soot stains). Shiki attempts a stealth kill on one of the sleeping men, but she misses and deals a painful non-lethal blow that causes him to scream and wake the others.

After this fight, and searching the people and their bedrolls for things, they enter a small hallway ending in a dead end. They go to search the dead end for secret doors or switches, but instead set off a floor-based trap and take some damage. Smarting in the body and the ego, they enter the next room. This is a very large, long room, with almost as much space as the immense room that the four bandits were camped in. On one side of the room is a statue with dragon heads spitting water into a fountain. Immediately to the side of them is a door headed in the same direction they had come from but into a different room, and there is also a door opposite them at the far end of the long room.

Thinking they can always go back and explore the farther exits, they take the nearby door. This leads to a small room with a stone dais and an ornate reddish-orange tapestry with natural motifs and arcane character strings woven into it. After both shifting and lifting the dais and finding nothing underneath, Bokas is extremely vexed when Shiki looks behind the tapestry and finds a secret door. Inside the door is a chest with several goodies, including a copy of The Revised Encyclopaedia of Halflings.

Taking the door on the far end of the long room leads to a smaller room with a statue of a hydra and one exit. After manipulating the hydra, Bokas notices some of the statue’s heads have depressible tongue levers. Working together, Bokas and Shiki find all of the potential levers and hold them down simultaneously to make a section of the wall shift aside and reveal a secret hallway. It is decided for Shiki to explore a ways into the secret hallway while Bokas investigates the apparent door.

After trying to open the door, an arrow trap pierces Bokas’ chest and does a decent amount of damage. Shiki, after confirming the hallway wraps around and leads to a descending staircase, runs back to help Bokas by picking the door lock. As soon as the door swings open, a swarm of bats attacks, which they valiantly fend off. Inside, Bokas finds a skeleton with a money pouch, a scroll that was later identified to be gentle repose, and two items of foaming plaster.

Descending the staircase, they come to an ornate, gold-leafed, jewel-encrusted double door. Bokas opens it a crack letting out a terrible squeal. A small living quarter lies beyond, with a seated woman brushing her hair at a vanity. She notices the party in the mirror’s reflection, whips around and shoots up, demanding, “Who are you? How did you get in here?” To this, Bokas replies, “Well, we killed a bunch of people…”

She howls, making their ears ring with pain and magic, and summons a dagger with which to rush at Bokas. After a gruelling fight, in which she unleashed many magical sound attacks and morphed from a beautiful woman to an ugly creature with the human skin hanging off its green flesh like tattered rags of cloth, they finally slay the monster. Bokas finds a magical set of armour stored in the room, among other things, and the two decide to spend the night in the room, using the comfortable bed to recuperate.

After an extended rest, they set out, noticing on their way out that the first bandit they had tied up was no longer around. They return to the tree and are greeted by an irate Moira, missing footwear and bleeding profusely from the shins down. She explodes with anger at them, telling them that while they were gone all night doing who knows what, all the local wildlife had come out and she had been fighting them off, with her hands still tied up. Bokas apologises and binds her wounds before taking her back to town.

Upon entering the town, the authorities greet them before getting very far, as two adventuring types escorting a half-bloodied bound woman tends to attract attention. The guard asks questions about the events of the past two days, admonishing the two in the process for tying up and abandoning for 24 hours a woman in the woods, even if she was a criminal. Bokas, feeling bad for their actions, asks the guard if they could go a little easier on her, at least not giving her the death sentence, to which the guard agrees.

Shiki and Bokas head back to the tavern, where they again find the priest, this time hanging up a sign with a reward for information about their whereabouts. He is thrilled to see them again, and rewards them with some minor magical items (a magical implement for Bokas and an Amulet of Protection for Shiki).

To celebrate the success of their mission and their newfound wealth, they hit first an appraiser, then a blacksmith, and sell non-useful equipment and buy and silver new weapons. Shiki gives the blacksmith a rusted sword she found in the cave to repair, and Bokas buys and asks to have silvered a greatsword. Both tasks would be done in about a week.


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